Jenny Tomlin Photographics
Specialist Black and White Darkroom Printer
Archival handprints from your photographic negatives

Philosophy driving this business.

People that shoot film these days are making a deliberate choice. I feel its important to keep honouring that, interpreting the negative and their ideas as best I can. I particularly enjoy the collaborative process with photographers and the alchemy of the darkroom. I love its physicality and simplicity - directing light into different areas on the paper and then watching the results emerge in the developer - still magic.


What are the benefits?

· There is no need for an intermediate scan.
· They stand out from digital prints
· Archivally produced, they are proven to last.
· Personal service. You will get the benefit of my Fine Arts background, and continuing practice as an artist along with expertise in the commercial industry at your disposal whether the goal is an exhibition, portfolio or family portraits.


I feel passionate about darkroom printing and want to continue to offer the silver gelatin print as an art form.


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