Jenny Tomlin Photographics
Specialist Black and White Darkroom Printer
Archival handprints from your photographic negatives

Brief Bio.

For me, photography is an expression of what I feel about the landscape.
I love the manual physicality of medium and large format photography as well as the wonderful serendipity of pinhole work.

Since graduating from Auckland University with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Photography in 1984, I had been working in Auckland, Sydney and London mainly as a colour printer, until returning to New Zealand in 1990 to work as a black and white custom printer, again enjoying the tactile process of the darkroom.
Since 2002, I have been running a specialist black/white darkroom business from my home in Green Bay, West Auckland.

People who have influenced my work are my lecturer John Turner who first saw possibilities. Stylistically NZ photographers Wayne Barrar and Anne Noble, the British photographer Fay Godwin, American photographers Paul Capanigro and Minor White and then ultimately seeing pinhole photography, particularly the work of Darren Glass.

Jenny Tomlin. (Urquhart)

Selected Exhibitions

Solo Shows

2015 – ‘The Black Box Project’, the Barrel Store, Corbans Estate Arts Centre, Henderson
2014 – ‘Life Beyond the Lens - Pinhole Photography  by Jenny Tomlin’. Pingyao International Photography Festival 2014, held in Pingyao Ancient City, Shanxi Province, China
2008 – ‘Nirvana Park’, Online portfolio,
1994 – ‘Off the Track’, Massey House Community Centre, Mangere.
1992 – ‘Journeys II’, Nathan Homestead, Manurewa.
1989 – ‘Journeys’, NZ High Commission, London.
1985 – ‘The Other Land II’, Real Pictures Gallery, Auckland.
1984 – ‘The Other Land’, Exposures Gallery, Wellington.

Group Exhibitions

2016 – ‘Obscura’, The Shutter Room Gallery, Whangarei
2015 - ‘Collective Passion - Singular Visions, PhotoForum - A New Zealand Legacy’,
Pingyao International Photography Festival 2015, held in Pingyao Ancient City, Shanxi Province, China.
2014 – ‘History in the Taking’. Photo Forum at 40. Gus Fisher Gallery, Auckland
then travelling to City Gallery, Wellington and Dunedin Public Art Gallery
2013 – ‘Curious 8’, Cliffview Drive, Green Bay
2012 – ‘Metonomy’, Corban Estate Arts Centre, Henderson
2011 - ‘Scheimpflug Principle’, Elam Projectspace Gallery, University of Auckland
2010 –‘ [V]ERGE’, Satellite Gallery, Newton, Auckland
2010 – ‘Metonymy’, Corban Estate Arts Centre, Henderson
2010 –‘Diversity’, Fine Line Gallery, Matakana
2009 – ‘Slow Light’, Spiral Gallery, Lopdell House, Titirangi.
2007 – ‘PhotoForum 33’, Artstation, Ponsonby.
2006 – ‘Photo-Synthesis’, Signal gallery, Swanson.
2006 – ‘Uncertain Space’, Corban Estate Arts Centre, Henderson.
2005 – ‘Waitakere Artists and Landscape’, Aotea Centre, Auckland.
2004 – ‘Consider the Lily’, Corban Estate Arts Centre, Henderson.


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